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Universal Document Converter Public API Interfaces

  • IUDC: primary API interface providing access to the capabilities of Universal Document Converter
    • IPageFormat: provides access to page format settings
    • IUDCPrinter: general interface providing control of a Universal Document Converter instance
      • IStatus: provides status information on the Universal Document Converter virtual printer
      • IProfile: document conversion configuration interface
        • IPageSetup: controls output document page settings
        • IFileFormats: controls output file format
          • IBMP: controls configuration of BMP output files
          • IDCX: controls configuration of DCX output files
          • IGIF: controls configuration of GIF output files
          • IJPEG: controls configuration of JPEG output files
          • IPCX: controls configuration of PCX output files
          • IPNG: controls configuration of PNG output files
          • ITIFF: controls configuration of TIFF output files
          • IPDF: controls configuration of PDF output files
        • IAdjustments: configures processing of the document being converted
          • ICrop: controls cropping of margins in source document
          • IResize: control document page resizing during conversion
        • IWatermark: controls application of water marks to document pages
        • IOutputLocation: controls the folder that houses the output files as well as output file names
        • IPostProcessing: controls post-processing of documents being converted
        • IAdvanced: controls Universal Document Converter's advanced capabilities