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Main page>Developer Solutions>Interfaces>IUDC>IUDCPrinter>IProfile>IWatermark


The IWatermark interface is designed to apply text or graphic watermarks to output file pages.


Enum Mode

Defines the type of watermark to be applied to output document pages during conversion. It is both readable and writable.
WM_NONE0No watermark
WM_TEXT1Text watermarks are applied to output file pages
WM_PICTURE2Graphic watermarks are applied to output file pages

IPictureWatermark PictureWatermark
Provides access to the IPictureWatermark interface which is used to configure graphic watermarks.

ITextWatermark TextWatermark
Provides access to the ITextWatermark interface which is used to configure text watermarks.


Visual Basic 6

Dim objUDC As IUDC Dim itfPrinter As IUDCPrinter Dim itfProfile As IProfile Set objUDC = New UDC.APIWrapper Set itfPrinter = objUDC.Printers("Universal Document Converter") Set itfProfile = itfPrinter.Profile itfProfile.Watermark.Mode = WM_PICTURE

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