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Main page>Developer Solutions>Interfaces>IUDC>IUDCPrinter>IStatus


The IStatus interface provides status information on the Universal Document Converter virtual printer


Integer DocsInQueue

Returns the number of documents in the spooler queue waiting to be printed on the Universal Document Converter virtual printer. Read only.

Integer Progress
Shows the percentage job progress for the Universal Document Converter virtual printer. Read only.

Enum State
Returns the current status of the Universal Document Converter virtual printer. Read only.
ST_READY0Virtual printer ready to accept jobs.
ST_RENDERING1Output file rendering underway.
ST_SAVING2Output file save underway.
ST_POSTPRINT3Post-print process underway.
ST_PAUSED4Virtual printer paused.


Visual Basic 6

Dim objUDC As IUDC Dim itfPrinter As IUDCPrinter Dim sMsg As String Set objUDC = New UDC.APIWrapper Set itfPrinter = objUDC.Printers("Universal Document Converter") Select Case itfPrinter.Status.State Case ST_READY sMsg = "Virtual printer is ready to use" Case ST_RENDERING sMsg = "Rendering a document" Case ST_SAVING sMsg = "Saving to file" Case ST_POSTPRINT sMsg = "Post-print task processing" Case ST_PAUSED sMsg = "Printing paused" End Select sMsg = sMsg & Chr(10) & Chr(13) sMsg = sMsg & itfPrinter.Status.DocsInQueue & " documents in queue." If itfPrinter.Status.DocsInQueue > 0 Then sMsg = sMsg & Chr(10) & Chr(13) & "Actual document converting progress is: " sMsg = sMsg & itfPrinter.Status.Progress & " %" EndIf Call MsgBox(sMsg, , "Information about Universal Document Converter status")

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