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Main page>Developer Solutions>Interfaces>IUDC>IUDCPrinter>IProfile>IOutputLocation


The IOutputLocation interface is used to control the folder that houses the output files as well as output file names.


String FileName

Used to generate output file name. It is both readable and writable.
The following macros may be used:
MacroDescriptionExample Value
&[DocName(0)]Document NameMy Document
&[DocName(1)]Uppercase Document NameMY DOCUMENT
&[DocName(2)]Lowercase Document Namemy document
&[Page(0)]Page Number3
. . .
Page number of between 2 and 6 digits05

&[ImageType]Standard extension for selected output file format2pdf
&[ColorDepth]Numeric value for the bit depth of the resulting image24
&[Year(0)]Current 4-digit year2009
&[Year(1)]Current 2-digit year09
&[Month(0)]Current month as textFebruary
&[Month(1)]Current month as 2-digit number02
&[Month(2)]Current month as Roman numeralsII
&[MonthDay(0)]Current date3
&[MonthDay(1)]Current 2-digit date03
&[WeekDay(0)]Current day of week as textTuesday
&[WeekDay(1)]Current day of week as number3
&[WeekDay(2)]Current day of week as 2-digit number03
&[Date(0)]Current full dateTuesday, February 03, 2009
&[Date(1)]Current full date as dd.mm.yyyy03.02.2009
&[Date(2)]Current complete date as dd.mm.yy03.02.09
&[Hour(0)]Current hour in 24-hour format21
&[Hour(1)]Current hour in 12-hour format09
&[Hour(2)]am or pmam
&[Min(0)]Current minutes31
&[Sec(0)]Current seconds38
&[Time(0)]Current time in hh-mm-ss format09-31-38
&[Time(1)]Current time in hh-mm (24-Hour) format21-31
&[Time(2)]Current time in hh-mm (12-Hour) format09-31

String FolderPath
Defines the folder that output files will be saved in. The output folder may be specified as a static string and as a macro that will automatically be replaced with an actual value at runtime. Only available if the Mode property is set to OL_PREDEFINED. It is both readable and writable.
MacroDescriptionExample Value
&[Desktop]Current user's desktopC:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop
&[Documents]Current user's "My Documents" folderC:\My Documents
&[Pictures]Current user's "My Pictures" folderC:\My Documents\My Pictures

Enum Mode
Defines the way the software generates output filenames and the names of folders where files will be saved. It is both readable and writable.
LM_PROMPT0A standard Windows dialog is displayed prompting for filename and folder when a file is created
LM_PREDEFINED1Filenames and target folders are generated automatically based on the values of the FileName and FolderPath properties

Boolean OverwriteExistingFile
Determines whether the software will overwrite an existing file with the same name as a file that is being created. This property is ignored if the Multipage property of the corresponding format interface is set to MM_APPEND. It is both readable and writable.
TRUEProgram will automatically overwrite existing files of same name when saving output files.
FALSEIf a file of the same name is found when an output file is being saved, a screen prompt will be displayed requesting instructions.


Visual Basic 6

Dim objUDC As IUDC Dim itfPrinter As IUDCPrinter Dim itfProfile As IProfile Set objUDC = New UDC.APIWrapper Set itfPrinter = objUDC.Printers("Universal Document Converter") Set itfProfile = itfPrinter.Profile itfProfile.OutputLocation.Mode = LM_PREDEFINED itfProfile.OutputLocation.FolderPath = "C:\Out" itfProfile.OutputLocation.FileName = "&[Date(1)]-&[DocName(0)].&[ImageType]" itfProfile.OutputLocation.OverwriteExistingFile = False

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