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Customer Testimonials

Universal Document Converter is a very easy to use tool to print documents to graphics. No matter if you have Microsoft Word or PDF-documents - it's easy to print them all to graphics. You can use various image formats and resolutions, there are some pre-built profiles but you can save your own settings using the profile-manager in the printers menu. There are many output formats included, which can be very helpful. Not only TIFF but also JPEG, BMP, GIF, PCX and DCX can be selected as output format. We didn't expect to find a program of this comfort and user-friendliness for that cheap price. We're looking forward to the new version. Read more...
Anton Moser, FIWA Group

I'm very lucky to have Universal Document Converter and want to recommend it to all my colleagues and to those who need a simple and effective solution to the protection of their documents. Read more...
Elizabeth Kotaeva

We use Universal Document Converter to convert Quality Check Sheets from our CAQ-System to JPG. We need these sheets as JPGs, because our ERP-System can not handle PDFs. That's the reason we use this tool. Read more...

Universal Document Converter has made my life easier. As a musician, I use this program almost every day to manage my digitally stored print music files and business documents. In my personal life, it has become an indispensable tool for my project of digitally archiving generations of irreplaceable family documents and photos. Universal Document Converter is simple to use, and customer support is excellent: should you need to contact them, you can expect a prompt, courteous, and informed reply. I highly recommend this excellent program. Read more...
Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven, St Augustine and St Mary Catholic Churches

My troubles ended and joy began again when I found Universal Document Converter - a program which allows me to turn either the whole document or parts of it into a picture, thus ensuring that the end result will not be distorted and will appear exactly as intended. Read more...
Elena Watson

A short time ago I was looking at several thousand European patents, which were PDF files 3-5 pages long with text in the form of images. I used the mouse to drag all the files to the Universal Document Converter icon. And after some time I received numbered files that were neatly arranged in folders. Read more...
Mikhail Eliseikin, dnevnik.motopila.ru

I found Universal Document Converter easy to use, intelligently designed, well-constructed, and it uploaded flawlessly. UDC is now the hub around my printing needs. Thank you for making life so much easier! Read more...
David Laramee

I have been a grateful user of Universal Document Converter for more than two years. It's been of invaluable help to me in conversion of file formats. It's so user-friendly that one doesn't have to remember anything in particular about how to use it. It's structured in such a common-sense way that it just automatically explains itself to the user.  Read more...
Alan Schoen

I have used Universal Document Converter since the very first versions as my sole tool for making document conversions. It works flawlessly and is very user-friendly. I recommend the product for all business applications. Read more...
Thomas Vass

Universal Document Converter is beautiful and runs so smoothly! I will get a lot of use out of it. I'm the only designer at this site, and every department needs some kind of file converted all the time! Read more...
Lori Hamilton

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