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Features List

User Friendly Interface

  • Converts any document to image file(s) using virtual printer technology
  • Provides a user friendly interface with interactive print-preview
  • Features automated file name generation using simple macro variables
  • Saves your commonly-used settings to reusable profiles

Powerful Graphic Engine

  • Crops "white space" from your document's borders while you print
  • Converts any document to high quality True Color, Palette, Grayscale or Black and White images
  • Exports documents to raster PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, PCX or DCX with resolutions up to 6000 DPI
  • Creates single image file from multi-page documents or saves each page to its own image file
  • Creates single multi-page image files from several documents

Enterprise Deployment

  • Increases the efficiency and simplicity of complex tasks by sharing Universal Document Converter from the Network
  • Fully supports advanced technologies such as the Windows Remote Desktop and Citrix MetaFrame
  • Controls Universal Document Converter from within your own applications using the COM interface

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