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Anton Moser, FIWA Group

FIWA Group is an engineering company that offers all-in-one solutions in professional engineering and design in the fields of process automation, process control, measurement and control, electrical planning, electrical building services, electrics and safety, as well as data systems engineering for pharmaceutical enterprises, environmental technology, food, steel, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Anton Moser from FIWA Group said on April 29, 2004:

Universal Document Converter is a very easy to use tool to print documents to graphics. No matter if you have Microsoft Word or PDF-documents - it's easy to print them all to graphics. You can use various image formats and resolutions, there are some pre-built profiles but you can save your own settings using the profile-manager in the printers menu. There are many output formats included, which can be very helpful. Not only TIFF but also JPEG, BMP, GIF, PCX and DCX can be selected as output format. We didn't expect to find a program of this comfort and user-friendliness for that cheap price. We're looking forward to the new version.

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