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Main page>Developer Solutions>Post-Print Examples

Print Image on Desktop Printer Using GDI+

Universal Document Converter is virtual printer software that saves any document you print as a raster PDF or an image file. You can use a post-print feature of Universal Document Converter to apply additional processing to every output file. The example below is just one of many post-print processing solutions. Please let us know if you cannot find the solution you need.

// You can automatically send copy of each image file produced by
// Universal Document Converter from your application using GDI+.
// You must initialize GDI+ in your InitInstance() function using
// "GdiplusStartup(...)" and release it in your ExitInstance()
// function using "GdiplusShutdown(...)".
#include "Winspool.h"
#include <atlconv.h>
#include <gdiplus.h>
using namespace Gdiplus;
#pragma comment (lib, "Gdiplus.lib")
BOOL PrintImageUsingGDIPlus( char* szPath, char* szPrn )
  LONG     dmLen;
  HANDLE   prnHandle;
  HDC      hDC;
  UINT     dimCount, frameCount;
  GUID     *pDimIDs;
  GUID     pageGuid;
  float    width, height;
  DOCINFO  di = { sizeof(DOCINFO), "Printing My Image" };
  if( !OpenPrinter( szPrn, &prnHandle, 0 ) )
    return 0;
  dmLen = DocumentProperties( 0, prnHandle, szPrn, 0, 0, 0 );
  pDM = (DEVMODE*)new char[dmLen];
  DocumentProperties( 0, prnHandle, szPrn, pDM, 0, DM_OUT_BUFFER );
  hDC = CreateDC( szPrn, szPrn, 0, pDM );
  delete pDM;
  if( !hDC )
    ClosePrinter( prnHandle );
    return 0;
  if( StartDoc( hDC, &di ) == SP_ERROR )
    ClosePrinter( prnHandle );
    return 0;
  Graphics graphics( hDC );
// Loading image from file
  Image image( A2W( szPath ) );
  dimCount = image.GetFrameDimensionsCount();
  pDimIDs = new GUID[dimCount];
// Get the list of frame dimensions from the Image object
  image.GetFrameDimensionsList( pDimIDs, dimCount );
// Get the number of frames (pages) in the first dimension
  frameCount = image.GetFrameCount( &pDimIDs[0] );
  delete pDimIDs;
  pageGuid = FrameDimensionPage;
  for( UINT i = 0; i < frameCount; i++ )
    StartPage( hDC );
    image.SelectActiveFrame( &pageGuid, i );
    graphics.SetPageUnit( UnitInch );
    width = image.GetWidth() / image.GetHorizontalResolution();
    height = image.GetHeight() / image.GetVerticalResolution();
    graphics.DrawImage( &image, 0.f, 0.f, width, height );
    EndPage( hDC );
  EndDoc( hDC );
  ClosePrinter( prnHandle );
  return ( frameCount > 0 ) ? TRUE : FALSE;

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