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Glenn Espie, School Solutions Ltd.

School Solutions Limited provides software solutions to primary schools to enable the teaching staff to reduce their paper work and spend more time teaching.

Glenn Espie from School Solutions Ltd. said on June 2, 2004:

As a software developer fCoder's Universal Document Converter has brought many benefits to my working environment a couple of which I will relate here. The ability to show customers the actual output generated in real time from a program cannot be understated. In the past, in order to have the same impact we have needed to carry printers around with us; using the Universal Document Converter allows us more freedom and the ability to provide copies to prospects in a form they can easily re-use. Working in a small company I often have to produce on-line help and documentation for the projects I work on. Universal Document Converter allows me to capture print output of any description and include it in printed documentation or HTML help files etc. Previously, I had to print to PDF and convert to JPEG which does not produce the quality of output that Universal Document Converter does. Well done to fCoder for an excellent product.

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