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Tony Sherfinski, Nu-Way Engineering Corp.

Dedicated drafting department of Nu-Way Engineering Corp. consists of steel detailers, drafters and experienced checkers. Encompassing a wide range of real world experience, they are available to assist engineers, architects and steel fabricators in all project phases from drafting to steel detailing. All steel detailing is performed to AISC and standard detailing practices. In addition, they make every effort to conform to individual fabricator standards.

Tony Sherfinski from Nu-Way Engineering Corp. said on June 3, 2004:

We're an engineering services firm specializing in contract drafting for the construction industry. As such we constantly receive contract documents in every format imaginable (DWG, PDF, TIF, JPEG) and some we've never heard of before. With Universal Document Converter we've never been unable to print out contract documents for our drafters to work with. Universal Document Converter has expanded the capabilities of our current large-format printers to include support for PDF & TIF documents. Its almost like having another printer, only Universal Document Converter doesn't take up any floor space in the office. In addition we send drawings to customers throughout the U.S. When they ask if we can supply them with a specific format, Universal Document Converter lets us answer 'We can do that'. Universal Document Converter is simple, easy to use and meets our needs week in and out.

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