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Jeremy Walsh, NIVA Group

NIVA Group (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) is a highly successful, internationally respected research organization and New Zealand?s leading provider of environmental research and consultancy services.

Jeremy Walsh from NIVA Group said on June 6, 2004:

We use Universal Document Converter in an ocean wave data collection system to output to a gif file, time-series plots of wave height, wave period and direction received from a Datawell Mark II directional wave buoy deployed off the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. These plots are updated three hourly to the web.
Universal Document Converter makes it easy for me to generate the plots from a Time-Series Management software tool (TIDEDA) using its standard print function. Since Universal Document Converter appears as another Printer Device in the Windows Printers Dialog, I only need to specify this as the output device. I find Universal Document Converter a very useful tool that is simple, well presented, and extremely easy to use.

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