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Eric Whitlow, ACS, Inc.

Founded in 1988, ACS, Inc. (ACS is an abbreviature of Affiliated Computer Services) offers innovative and effective outsourcing solutions for clients around the world. ACS, Inc. delivers higher quality, increased productivity, and lower costs. For business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology outsourcing (ITO), ACS, Inc. is not a product, it is service.

Eric Whitlow, Programmer-analyst in ACS, Inc., said on August 26, 2003:

As a software developer who has to deal with many different third-party imaging tools on an almost daily basis, I can say without hesitation that Universal Document Converter is the most stable and the handiest tool I've got. Other packages I have used simply max out the system memory and stop working if you try to convert a really large file to image. Universal Document Converter does not have such memory problems and has worked quickly and effectively with files of all sizes. I also appreciate the user interface as it is powerful and easy to configure for any application you might need. It allows you to save configurations that you use often so that you don't have to change the settings manually every time you switch tasks. Overall, I recommend Universal Document Converter to anyone who even thinks they might need it, because you can't beat this much bang for so few bucks.

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