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UDC is an acronym that stands for Universal Document Converter. It is software to convert documents of any type into the most common types of graphic files (TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, DCX, GIF, or BMP) and PDF.

UDC is an all-purpose converter that works as a virtual printer. Once this software is installed, a new printer shows up on the system which, when sent documents to print, converts them into the desired format. This philosophy has two important advantages. First, when used UDC is able to convert almost any source file, its format notwithstanding. The only caveat is that there be a program that could be used to open them and send them to a printer. Second, UDC being a virtual printer is very simple and does not require additional user training to utilize.

UDC is characterized by extensive functionality. A user may fine-tune output formats, create multi-page files, including multi-page files resulting from several documents of different types. Page size, resolution, and many other parameters are configurable. In addition, UDC implements a broad range of additional capabilities: a profile library for quick configuration, automatic cropping of margins, application of text or graphics as water marks, post-processing, etc.

UDC may be used in different applications in a corporate computing environment. Hence, the functionality of a PDF server and PDF SDK implemented in the software.

UDC is commercial software. Its cost is dependent on the number of licenses purchased.

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