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How Universal Document Converter Protects Freelancers' Work

Universal Document Converter from fCoder Group, Inc. allows freelancers to protect their work from unsanctioned copying.

Computerization in all areas of our lives and the development of the Internet has given to many the unique chance to begin their own businesses. If you are connected to the Internet, then in order to find a new client or to place an advertisement you don't have to get up from your chair or even leave the beach!

The life of the freelancer would be like a fairy tale, if only there were not the risk of certain clients who, having got hold of somebody else's work, try to take advantage of it for free, for example, in the case of a non-payable tender. Second to this, but not less pertinent is the problem of the compatibility of the results of the work of the freelancer with the client's computer. A good illustration of this problem is the order of a project for a summerhouse by a person whose knowledge of computers is limited to receiving e-mail and looking at photographs. How does such a client plan on viewing the final blueprints? After all, he doesn't even know what AutoCAD is!

Document Compatibility

The intensive development of high technology has led to great differences between the programs installed by default on various computers. You can be sure only of the fact that clients have one of the modern operating systems installed on their computers: Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac OS. In this case, there is only one solution to this problem: the conversion of documents into a format compatible with any operating system.

The file formats that are best suited for such a role are TIFF and JPEG, since by default all operating systems include a viewer to display images in these formats. Files in TIFF and JPEG are bitmapped, i.e. they save documents in a "frozen" state. This state of affairs not only enables clients to open your documents and print them without altering them, but also protects them from accidental changes. Having converted one's technical drawings, sketches or texts into TIFF or JPEG, they can be sent to clients without fear, even if they are on a business trip and only have a notebook or palm computer with them. Conversion into TIFF or JPEG makes it possible to paste drawings or electronic schemes into a PowerPoint presentation or Flash-animation. Conversion into the JPEG format significantly aids the web-designer: ?photographs? of previously designed sites serve well for the formation of online portfolios and for the illustration of PowerPoint and Flash presentations. Conversion into TIFF helps graphic designers solve the problem of compatibility of original drafts containing texts in many different languages, custom-designed fonts and graphical elements with the workstations of the print shop.

All rights reserved

Bitmapped graphical formats such as TIFF and JPEG are not only universal, but also capable of lowering the risk of unsanctioned copying. The essence of such protection is simple: text and graphical elements in a bitmapped file are present only in the form of an integrated graphical image. Therefore the contents of the document cannot be highlighted by the cursor and copied into the buffer by pressing Crtl+C. Of course, against copying the drawing or text by hand, the copyright owner can only resort to a court of law for protection. However, as practice has shown, in the majority of cases, it is sufficient not to tempt the client with an extremely easy opportunity to use the drafts for free.

Conversion into TIFF of JPEG is good protection for drawings and diagrams. However, it may be insufficient for text documents since in this case bit mapped files may be converted to a text format with the aid of OCR technology. A large number of such programs exist, including some that are free of charge, making it possible to recognize text placed within TIFF of JPEG formats.

The solution to the problem of reliable protection of text documents from plagiarism is the conversion of these files to bitmapped PDF. Thanks to the high degree of complexity of the PDF format, free programs that convert bitmapped PDF into text with a satisfactory degree of quality do not exist, while commercial utilities are very expensive. It turns out to be simpler to pay a freelancer than to spend time and money on an attempt to use the contents of a document "free of charge".

It must be noted that the conversion of documents into bitmapped PDF does have some problems. For one thing, it is necessary to install Acrobat Reader in order to view such documents. However, this program is free and already installed by the majority of users. Secondly, unlike text, search engines cannot index bitmapped PDF files. However, placing a part of content in this particular format reliably protects against theft. And finally, PDF files cannot be inserted into PowerPoint or Flash presentations. But is that really necessary when the primary purpose is the protection of your author's rights? And for this, bitmapped PDF works quite successfully!

Choice of Weapon

The procedure for converting documents into a bitmapped graphical format or PDF seems complicated. However, even a child can do it if it is accomplished with the aid of the program Universal Document Converter, specially developed by the company fCoder Group, Inc. This program makes the process of converting documents into TIFF, JPEG or PDF as easy as printing a page.

A characteristic feature of Universal Document Converter is that after it is installed, it appears in the list of printers, and in order to export your documents or layouts of presentation materials into the required format, all that is required is to simply "print" them with the virtual printing device. The resulting copies will always correspond to the original, and viewing the materials produced in such a way is possible on any computer. The ease of use and excellent productivity make Universal Document Converter increasingly popular and in demand by independent professionals in many countries.

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