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New Web Site for Universal Document Converter has been Released

Alexandria, VA (September 11, 2007) - fCoder Group, Inc., a well-known developer of software for converting digital documents and images, presents a new version of a web site that has been designed for the promotion of the product Universal Document Converter on the Internet.

The new web site www.print-driver.com is intended for the promotion and support of the software product Universal Document Converter on the global market. The site of the project offer visitors a complete set of information about the program Universal Document Converter, particularities of usage, and conditions of acquisition.

The new version of the web-site has been implemented on the basis of CMS "Bitrix: Site Management" and placed on a more powerful dedicated server. This has made it possible to significantly increase the overall productivity of the site. Now it works faster and can support loads of up to 30,000 visitors per day. Thanks to the use of a modern content management system, the web site has become more resistant to possible hacker attacks. All of this, in addition to the growth of productivity, has contributed to increased reliability and almost completely eliminated the likelihood of down time.

The new web site has not only simplified the content management of sites, but has made it possible to collect visitor statistics and analyze the effectiveness of advertising companies. In addition, managers of the company have gained the opportunity to monitor the preferences of users and take them into consideration during the process of developing Universal Document Converter.

fCoder Group, Inc. has put considerable effort into creating a new version of the web project. In all, time spent on the project has amounted to approximately 4,000 working hours. In the process of development, 10 highly qualified specialists were employed: designers, web programmers, usability and computer security experts, copywriters and translators.

"Concern for the convenience of our clients - that is the main principle motivating us to create a new version of the web site", stated Michael Bolgov, Vice President of fCoder Group, Inc. "With its assistance, it will be a lot more convenient for people to find all the necessary information about the product Universal Document Converter. I am sure that clients of our company will truly be able to appreciate the new web site."

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