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Universal Document Converter 4.1 - Now is Compatible with Vista

Alexandria, VA (March 1, 2006) - the company fCoder Group, Inc. introduced its Universal Document Converter 4.1 - a virtual printer - which now includes support for output image files larger than 2 gigabytes and is compatible with Windows Vista!

Universal Document Converter is a virtual printer. Instead of sending documents to paper (as with a conventional printer) Universal Document Converter actually converts your documents into image files. Imagine being able to convert Adobe PDF?s, Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, AutoCAD files and Visio drawings into raster PDF, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP files with resolutions of up to 1200 DPI just as easily as sending them to your printer! The resulting image files can then be used in your presentations, sent by email, published to the Web and much, much more. It doesn't even matter whether the recipient is using a Mac, PC, or Linux workstation. The resulting images are completely platform-independent and can thus be viewed and printed on any machine. And, because these file formats are universally accepted and used, they will not become obsolete, making Universal Document Converter an excellent archiving tool!

New in Universal Document Converter 4.1:
  • Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit edition is now supported.
  • Export to large graphic files with sizes more than 2 GB was added.
  • The distributive file is now digitally signed using Microsoft's Authenticode technology with a VeriSign Certificate for secure delivery over the Internet.
  • Enhanced list of supported page formats.
  • Silent Activation is now available for developers.

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