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Universal Document Converter 3.1 - Now with Network Printing

Alexandria, VA (November 11, 2004) - the company fCoder Group, Inc. is delighted to introduce its Universal Document Converter - a virtual printer which now includes network printing support!

Leonid Jackobson, manager of the product explains, "Universal Document Converter is a virtual printer which - rather than sending documents to paper in the manner of a conventional printer - actually converts your documents into the image file format of your choosing. Imagine being able to convert Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, AutoCAD and Visio drawings into JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG or BMP images with resolutions of up to 1200 DPI, as easily as sending them to your printer! The resulting image files may then be used in your presentations, sent by email, published to the Web and much, much more. It does not even matter whether the recipient is using a Mac, PC, or Linux workstation. The resulting images are completely platform-independent and can thus be viewed and printed on any machine."

The significance of this new network printing feature of Universal Document Converter is that it enables the offloading of most of the workload consumed by the conversion and compression process to the print-server itself! This leaves your workstation unencumbered to handle other important tasks. You can imagine how this would be especially advantageous when working with multipage documents or large drawings which can devour lots of CPU, RAM and hard drive resources! Documents are now placed in a queue and processed remotely on the print-server while the user carries on his work unimpeded by the conversion process. In addition to this groundbreaking new feature, its intuitive user interface and innovative feature set continue to assure Universal Document Converter its coveted position of distinction among its competitors!

Our very satisfied customer, Mr. V. K. Gupta-Chaudhary from Woodlands Estates (London, UK) is effusive in his praise, "Our need was to have a program that could take a document and turn it into a secure non-copiable format. This was important since we needed to send these documents to our clients. It was important to have this feature so that we could maintain internal control of our office documents." Mr. Gupta-Chaudhary continues: "As soon as we found Universal Document Converter we knew our search was over, it is so effortless using Universal Document Converter even the old guys in the office swear by it! It also looks very professional to send documents by secure format and has helped us no end."

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