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How to Combine Different Documents into a Single Multipage PDF File

Suppose the first document you want to append is a PDF. Open it and click "Print". Select the "Universal Document Converter" printer and click the "Properties" button. Click "File Format" and select "Append all documents to the existing file", Click "Output Location" and check "Prompt for filename for each file". Click "Post-Processing" and check "Open output folder". Click "OK" and then click "Print" to start the conversion process. Now the first document has been converted!

Let?s say the second file is a Microsoft Word document. Open the file and click "Print". Select the "Universal Document Converter" printer and click OK to start the conversion process. To append this document to the previous file, choose the same output file name. The second document has now been converted and appended to the PDF file!
Finally, let?s add a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Open it and click "Print". Choose the same output file as before to append this third document to the PDF.
Voila! We?ve combined three different documents into a single PDF file!

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