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Universal Document Converter is the most complete solution for the conversion of documents into PDF, JPEG, TIFF or other graphical files. The underlying basis of the program is the technology of virtual printing. As a result, exporting documents into a chosen format is not any more complicated than printing on a desktop printer.
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Fields of Application

Exchanging documents in the Adobe PDF format protects you and your clients from any technical difficulties. Read more...

Documents converted to JPEG or PNG graphic formats can be easily inserted into your PowerPoint presentations without any problems. Read more...

Publishing presentation materials and product catalogs in the Adobe PDF format offers clients all needed information in a reliable and change-protected form. Read more...

Converting documents into the TIFF format guarantees high printing quality and simplifies work with printshops and publishers. Read more...

Universal Document Converter reduces your expenses on the development of a corporate workflow system. Read more...

News and Articles

August 29, 2013
fCoder Group, Inc. announced the newest Universal Document Converter 6.0 release. With the updated version of Universal Document Converter customers are able to convert any type of a document into an image file or save document as a searchable PDF.

July 4, 2013
Did you know that the PDF is turning 20 this year? PDF has undergone through various modifications and updates since its invention in the early 1990s. We invite you to join us in celebrating the 20-th birthday of PDF. And we have a little gift for you in end part of this article :-)

June 27, 2013
fCoder Group, Inc. presents Universal Document Converter 5.8. This new version is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.1 and contains several fixes as requested by customers.

May 23, 2013
fCoder Group presents Universal Document Converter 5.7. The new version of the program features numerous fixes and enhancements suggested by users.

Customer Testimonials

We are very satisfied with Universal Documents Converter, which we use many times every day. As Universal Document Converter is only a printer driver it is fast and easy for us to use! Read whole text
Peter Hovmann, MAN B&W Diesel A/S

In the past we had first to print documents and then to scan them to TIFF format for archiving. Now we are using Universal Document Converter, which enables us to save a lot of time and paper. Read whole text
Hartmut Trepte, Siemens AG

The easy of use and the ease of outputting documents to a graphic file format makes Universal Document Converter a must for any business, webmaster or individual user. Read whole text
Darren Blackley, Curtin University of Technology

The result of each conversion is very, very close to the original. It is important for us because we have to print on preformatted paper and we cannot accept any difference! Read whole text
Marc Dubray, Honeywell International, Inc.

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